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LAANE is Hiring a Ports Campaign Researcher with a Commitment to Economic Justice

The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) has been in the forefront of the economic justice movement in L.A. since 1994.  LAANE is known for its broad-based labor/community/environmental coalitions and its combination of organizing, research, communications, and policy development.  LAANE led the movement to pass a Living Wage Ordinance in the city of L.A. in 1997 and continues to advocate for policies and programs that benefit the unemployed, low-wage workers, low-income communities, and the environment.  For more information about our work, visit

Campaign Description:  LAANE is currently seeking a full-time campaign researcher for a campaign to win justice for workers in the port trucking industry at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  These are the largest ports in the country, responsible for nearly half of all U.S. containerized trade.  This campaign seeks to achieve economic justice and put an end to wage theft for the 12,000 low-wage, mostly immigrant truck drivers at the Ports —most of whom are denied legal rights by being misclassified as “independent contractors.” The campaign also seeks to build from the dramatic environmental gains of the Clean Truck Program, to ensure environmental justice for the hundreds of thousands of people who live around the Ports and along associated goods movement corridors.

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LAANE is Hiring a Communications Specialist

The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) has been at the forefront of the fight for economic justice in Los Angeles since 1993, winning policies to uplift working families and benefit whole communities. Advanced communications and media strategies are a key tool in our organizing to win. For more information about our work, visit

Position Description: The Communications Specialist will work with the Communications Director and team of communicators to help lead LAANE’s strategic communications work. Core responsibilities include:

 Developing and implementing communications strategies for various campaigns

 Developing strategic messages and frames for campaigns

 Leading the branding of new campaigns

 Utilizing digital and new media for all aspects of communications work

 Managing and creating social media and website content

 Shooting and curating photos on websites and social media pages

 Cultivating and maintaining relationships with key reporters locally and nationally

 Planning and executing press conferences and other media events

 Placing stories regularly in mainstream and independent media sources

 Writing press releases, Op-Eds, and other materials for media

 Creating materials for internal and external use by campaign teams — talking points, fact sheets, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

 Training spokespeople for public hearings, press conferences, and interviews

 Developing and maintaining relationships with key community and labor partners

 Coordinating the development of graphic materials and reports

Qualifications include:

 At least 3-5 years of experience doing communications and media work for advocacy campaigns,

and/or an Undergraduate Degree in public relations, journalism or related field

 Excellent oral and written communications skills

 Demonstrated ability to develop and implement strategic communications plans, craft messages, and execute tactics

 Ability to anticipate needs and plan accordingly, coordinate complex activities, prioritize conflicting demands, and meet deadlines with minimal supervision

 Strong, demonstrated commitment to the needs and concerns of working families

 Knowledge of website, social media, and emerging media platforms

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LAANE is Hiring a Long Beach Hospitality Campaign Director

The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) has been at the forefront of the economic justice movement in L.A. since 1994.  LAANE is a national leader in the effort to address the challenges of working poverty, inadequate health care and air pollution, especially in communities of color.  Using a comprehensive approach that includes organizing, innovative policy, research, and communications, LAANE has helped improve the lives of tens of thousands of working men and women, from 1997’s Living Wage Ordinance, to this year’s city-wide Minimum Wage increase.  For more information about our work, visit

LAANE is currently seeking a director for our Long Beach Hospitality campaign. Long Beach, a community where people of color are now the majority population, is LA County’s second largest city and has a large service sector and some of the highest rates of poverty in California. Until recently, however, the city has not invested in good jobs, affordable housing or the environment. That has begun to change, with the passage of a series of ordinances and initiatives, led by LAANE in partnership with UNITE HERE Local 11, other local unions and community organizations. LAANE’s work includes both grass-roots organizing and coalition-building, especially among Latino, Cambodian and youth populations, as well as leadership training program called Long Beach Rising, and an effort to train and place community members on city boards and commissions. To date, these programs have trained hundreds of leaders, and placed dozens of those leaders, mostly people of color, on local commissions. Today, the campaign is focused on passage of Claudia’s Law, an effort to stop harassment of women, especially housekeepers, in local hotels. The director will lead the policy campaign, direct grass-roots organizing and coalition-building and continue to help direct leadership development programs.

Position Responsibilities: The Campaign Director is responsible for:

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