RAISE LA from LAANE on Vimeo.

Tell City Councilmember Tom LaBonge to Lift Hotel Workers Out of Poverty!

The City of L.A. has announced a plan to raise the minimum wage for workers across the city. Next week, we have an opportunity to take the first step by improving the lives of workers in one of our largest and lowest-paying industries: the hotel sector.

More than half of all hotel workers earn so little that they are eligible for government assistance, while the City invests hundreds of millions of dollars in the industry and hotel revenues soar to record levels.

Higher wages will not only help hotel workers, they will provide a major boost to our economy. That’s why hundreds of small business owners, neighborhood councils, Mayor Eric Garcetti and hotel companies like AEG and Westfield support Raise LA.

Call Councilmember LaBonge today at (213) 485-3337. Urge him to vote in favor of raising the minimum wage for hotel workers.