Crenshaw/LAX Project Takes the Next Step With First-of-Its-Kind Job Initiative

An excerpt from the Neon Tommy: To facilitate this process, Metro has been actively working with union coordinators and local community groups like the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) to educate eligible workers about the industry and the skills required.

“We try to give hope but we want to be realistic,” said Metro representative Long. Metro has worked closely with LAANE to provide disadvantaged workers and potential apprentices access to education, support groups, and connections to resources, according to Long.

LAANE focuses on promoting good jobs and responsible development in industries rooted in the working economy, like construction, said LAANE Director of Construction CareersJackie Cornejo. Cornejo said that LAANE is currently in the process of creating a video with similar content to their successful workshops and infographics to make the content more accessible to potential workers or apprentices.

According to Cornejo, Proposition 209, which prohibits both discrimination and preferential treatment based on race, sex or ethnicity, limits what agencies can do in terms of targeting hiring to historically disadvantaged communities, but LAANE works with both agencies like Metro and local communities to promote responsible development.

“We are committed to that community and to that neighborhood and we are targeting out efforts there because the law doesn’t allow the agencies to do that,” said Cornejo.

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