The Daily Kos: Truck drivers win union representation at Toll Group

by Laura Clawson for The Daily Kos
April 12, 2012

Despite an intimidation campaign that included the firing of two outspoken union supporters, Los Angeles-based truck drivers for Australia’s Toll Group voted overwhelmingly to unionize Wednesday. The vote was 46-15 in favor of joining the Teamsters.

“Our victory means we are finally getting closer to the American Dream. If we can win, I know other port truck drivers across the U.S. can unite just like we did,” said Orlando Ayala, who has hauled at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for nearly 10 years. “A voice on the job means management can no longer humiliate us or force us to suffer in poverty while they profit,” added the father of 3, who questioned why Toll created such an exploitive and union-hostile environment for its workforce here, contrary to its practice overseas.

The Toll Group faces National Labor Relations Board unfair labor practice charges for its intimidation campaign. The next question is whether the company will bargain a contract in good faith. But for now, let’s celebrate a big and historic win for these workers.

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