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Given the importance of LA’s hotel workers to our local economy it’s no surprise that the centerpiece of LAANE’s policy approach in the hospitality industry is a Living Wage ordinance. Establishing Living Wage standards which includes paid sick leave for workers will help lift families in our communities out of poverty, and has the potential to spark much-needed reinvestment in our city’s local businesses and our neighborhoods.

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Why Focus on the Hotel Industry


According the US Census Bureau, 20.2 % of Los Angeles total population lives below the federal poverty level. Poverty jobs in LA’s hotels are exacerbating the problem of poverty throughout the city. The following are the Top 5 reasons why LA should focus on passing an ordinance for $15 for hotel workers. Read more.

What We Know


As a major international destination city, much of LA‘s economy is based in the service sector. Read more.

Our Coalition


The Raise LA Coalition includes residents, workers, students and academics as well as labor, faith, and community-based organizations. Read more.

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For more information and to contact us Read more.

Raise LA in Action


Photos of the RLA coalition in Action   Read more.