Since 1993, LAANE has led dozens of efforts to create good jobs, thriving communities and a healthy environment. Here are some of our victories in building a new economy for all:



Los Angeles City Living Wage Ordinance, which raised wages and improved health benefits for more than 10,000 workers and became a model for similar legislation in cities across the country.

Los Angeles City Construction Careers and Green Jobs Policy, which will ensure good green jobs for thousands of construction workers and provide middle-class career opportunities to at-risk populations. First in the nation.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority Construction Careers Policy, which is expected to generate over 23,400 construction jobs, totaling over $6 billion in construction, with 40% of the jobs reserved for communities experiencing high levels of poverty.

Century Boulevard Living Wage Ordinance, which raised wages for 3,500 hotel workers near LAX.

Los Angeles Grocery Workers Retention Ordinance, which protects the jobs of supermarket workers during ownership changes.

Santa Monica Recall Rights Ordinance, which guarantees laid-off workers the right to return to their jobs as employers rehire. First in the nation.

Los Angeles Responsible Contractor Ordinance, which ensures compliance with labor laws by city contractors, lessees and financial assistance recipients.

Los Angeles Service Contract Workers Retention Ordinance, which increases the job security for thousands of workers employed by city contractors. First in the nation.

Los Angeles County Living Wage Ordinance, which raised wages for thousands of service workers employed by the county.

Hollywood and Highland Development Agreement, which provided living wages for all employees of the builder and its contractors, a living wage incentive program for tenants and seed money for a worker health care trust fund.



Port of Los Angeles Clean Trucks Program, which Improves conditions for more than 10,000 port truck drivers and mandates dramatic reductions in harmful diesel pollution at the country’s largest port complex. First in the nation.

LAX Community Benefits Agreement, which provides $500 million in environmental and job training programs for residents affected by the expansion of LAX.

Port of Los Angeles Community Benefits Agreement, which provides $52 million for community improvements to be administered by a new community-based entity.



Wal-Mart Ballot Initiative Campaign, in which a ballot measure sponsored by Wal-Mart was defeated in Inglewood, preventing the retail giant from building a superstore with no public review or environmental impact report.

L.A. Live Community Benefits Agreement, which requires living wages, affordable housing, local hiring and green space at one of the region’s largest commercial development projects. First in the nation.

NoHo Commons Community Benefits Agreement, which guarantees living wages, job training, local hiring and affordable child care at a major mixed use development in the San Fernando Valley.

Los Angeles Superstore Ordinance, which requires superstores to complete an economic impact analysis before seeking approval for their projects, giving community members and elected officials more control over these development projects. First in the nation.

Inglewood Superstore Ordinance, which was modeled after the Los Angeles law and provides similar oversight to community members and elected officials in decisions about big box developments.