Researching Our Economy, Changing Our City

LAANE relies on research to understand the challenges facing our region and devise solutions that can lead to a new economy.



Construction plays a seminal role in shaping our regional economy. Here we present our research on how  high standards within the industry can pave the way for middle-class careers and community …read more.

Green Economy


LAANE's RePower LA project is not only generating quality jobs, but reducing pollution and saving consumers money. …read more.

Grocery & Retail


The grocery and retail sector has a huge impact on our economy and our quality of life. In this section we look at the intersection between healthy food, good jobs and …read more.

Hospitality & Tourism


Hospitality and tourism is the largest sector of our regional economy. Here we present our research on working conditions within the industry and how high standards are good for the industry, …read more.

Ports & Goods Movement


L.A. is home to the nation’s largest ports complex. In this section we look at the twin challenges of poverty and pollution in the port trucking industry, and how we can …read more.

Waste & Recycling


Few sectors of the economy have as broad an impact as waste and recycling. Here we present our research on how Los Angeles can lead the way in creating good jobs, …read more.

Poverty, Employment, Living Wages & Economic Development


LAANE research on working poverty, the erosion of the middle class, economic development and wage standards. …read more.

Past Project Research


LAANE research on the airline and travel industry, the security services industry and more. …read more.