Enacting Policies, Changing Lives

Cutting-edge legislation is reshaping the region’s landscape, bringing better jobs, cleaner air and healthier communities.


Living Wages & Worker Protections


Fair wages and benefits are essential to the new economy. Find out about LAANE's efforts to win living wages and other legislation that improves the lives of workers. …read more.

Green Jobs & Environmental Standards


Good green jobs are critical to building a new economy. Learn how LAANE's policy campaigns have led to green, clean, quality jobs in some of our biggest industries. …read more.

Community Benefits

community benefit

Economic development should improve people's lives. Learn how LAANE has helped win millions of dollars in community benefits for L.A. residents. …read more.

Other Policies


LAANE has led the effort to pass many other landmark policies, from L.A.'s first-in-the-nation superstore law to critical labor peace legislation. …read more.