Michelle Gerber

Name:  Michelle Marie Gerber

Age:  31

Profession:  Naturopathic Doctor and Midwife

What city or neighborhood do you live in? Los Angeles, Mid-city

What is your proudest accomplishment?  Becoming a doctor, co-founding the Nothern Coalition for Peace and Justice, having my baby at home, to name a few

What’s your favorite thing about L.A.?  weather, architecture, diversity, mountains/oceans and general nature/hiking/camping accessability, food

How long have you been a member of InterAct?  1 year

How did you hear about LAANE?  My friend, Jon Zerolnick

Which of our campaigns interests you the most? Feel free to pick more than one.

1) Winning living wages for hotel workers and 2) Ensuring all areas of the city have access to quality grocery stores and healthy food

LAANE is often fighting for workers’ right to a “living wage.” What does “living wage” mean to you, not necessarily in dollars but in results?

The ability to afford quality necessities that make life enjoyable.

Our Don’t Waste LA campaign is fighting for improvements to the city’s waste industry, including better recycling for apartment buildings and businesses. What improvements do you think the city’s recycling program needs?

More access to recycling bins, mandatory for businesses/schools/etc

When you think about where to spend your dollars, do you take into account the company’s policies, whether environmental, political or worker-related? Can you give an example?

I try.  My family tries to buy things that are local, fair-trade, organic or made/grown by someone we know whenever we can.  Or we buy used/recycled.

What does a “new economy” mean to you?

Frankly, one that is not capitalist based, because such an economy requires unemployment and profit over people and a widening rich/poor gap and lack of environmental or safety emphasis, etc.

What makes you hopeful about L.A.’s future?

People working for change.