Eric Stone

Name: Eric Stone

Occupation: Writer

What city or neighborhood do you live in? Silver Lake

Who most inspires you?    

Surprise me. I prefer my people flawed. When a messed up, or otherwise regular everyday sort of person rises to the occasion and accomplishes or produces something inspiring, I am much more impressed than I am when it comes from someone I expect it from.

What is your proudest accomplishment?  

1) My next book, whatever it is, 2) Asian Sustainable Development Publishing Ltd. (a company I started that went broke but did a good job of spreading the word about environmentally responsible business in Asia before it did) and 3) twenty-eight Cambodian schoolgirls saved from being sold to brothels because of one of my books. I can’t really choose between those three.

Which of LAANE’s projects interests you the most?

They all seem interrelated and taken as a whole demonstrate an integrated, down-to-earth approach that is among the things that attract me to LAANE.

LAANE is often advocating for a “living wage.” What does a living wage mean to you, not necessarily in dollars but in results?     

A better, more vibrant, more exciting, creative and healthy society for everybody at all levels. An essential component of the rising tide that will lift all boats.

What does a “new economy” mean to you?    

An economy that is focused on long term, sustainable goals that ensure a high base-level of opportunities to the widest possible range of people. An economy that is innovative and flexible so that its activities can be complemented by and better complement the economies of the rest of the world – rather than being threatened by them.

What moved you to become a champion-level InterAct member? 

Learning about the practical, grassroots community and labor oriented work that LAANE is engaged in. Sharing the goals of that work and the vision of society that is expressed in those goals. Wanting to share the good financial fortune I’ve had in my life by contributing to an organization that seems to get a lot of bang for its donated bucks.

Is there something you’re doing or that you would like others to do to shape the future of L.A.?

Sharing my love for Los Angeles, particularly its remarkable diversity, with friends, family and even strangers when they’ll put up with me.

As a writer, I try to write so as to put even my “trashy crime novels” into a social, economic and political context that will get my readers thinking about issues that affect us all.

I coordinate and participate in programs at schools and libraries and writers organizations that I hope help to encourage people’s interest in learning more about the city and the world generally, and to express that interest to other people.

People need to find their own ways to take what they love to do and are good at and use those things to contribute to the betterment of their city.