Aaron Chappell

Aaron Chappell

Age: 33

Profession: Organizer, LIUNA

What city or neighborhood do you live in? Silver Lake

What is your proudest accomplishment? Working for workers

What’s your favorite thing about L.A.? Eating my way around the city

How long have you been a member of InterAct? 2 years (I think?)

How did you hear about LAANE? Through my work

Which of our campaigns interests you the most? Feel free to pick more than one.

  • Making our homes and businesses more energy efficient
  • Creating good and environmentally friendly construction jobs

We want to hear what you think and share it with others. Please try to answer in the length of a Facebook post.

LAANE is often fighting for workers’ right to a “living wage.” What does “living wage” mean to you, not necessarily in dollars but in results?

A living wage gives us the possibility of enjoying life, of “living”, not just working!

When you think about where to spend your dollars, do you take into account the company’s policies, whether environmental, political or worker-related? Can you give an example?

I do, but I’m wary of consumer-driven activism.  As a single person with no dependents, I don’t mind paying the extra buck or two for organic milk, but I’m not confident I’m making much difference in the world by doing so.

What does a “new economy” mean to you?

An economy that recognizes the vast wealth in our nation and our city and puts it to work for the common good.

What makes you hopeful about L.A.’s future?

The LA labor movement, community groups like LAANE, immigration, and the sunshine/mountains/ocean…