Roxana Tynan


Roxana Tynan joined LAANE in 2001 and served as deputy director for six years until assuming the position of executive director in …read more.

Lauren Ahkiam


Lauren Ahkiam is the Senior Research & Policy Analyst on the Don’t Waste LA Project. She has a background in environmental …read more.

Adan Alvarez


Adan Alvarez is a Communications Specialist on the Don’t Waste LA and Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community …read more.

Tim Bowler


Tim was born in Australia and raised on the finest lamb and vegemite that money could buy. In 1983 Tim made his …read more.

Jaimie Carlos


Jaimie joined LAANE in August 2014, taking on the demands of administrative work and finance for the organization. Graduating with a degree …read more.

Patricia Castellanos


Patricia Castellanos joined LAANE in 2006 and oversees the organization’s environmental portfolio. In 2013 she was appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti to …read more.

Jean Choi

Jean Choi photo

Jean Choi joined LAANE in April 2015 as the Legal Fellow for the Campaign for Clean and Safe Ports. Through organizing, litigation, …read more.

Jackie Cornejo


Jackie Cornejo is the Director of the Don't Waste LA Project. She previously worked on the Construction Careers Project as Research Analyst …read more.

Leslie Dugger


Fueled by a limitless passion and curiosity for all things technology, Leslie’s skill is matched only by his creativity.  Dedicated to data …read more.

Jessica Durrum


Jessica began working at LAANE in 2012 after completing UCLA’s Masters in Urban and Regional Planning program, where she studied economic …read more.

James Elmendorf


James joined LAANE in 2003 as a senior policy analyst, focusing on new developments and specializing in the hospitality industry. He has …read more.

Danny Feingold


Danny has led LAANE's communications efforts for the past decade. He has attracted national media attention for numerous LAANE projects, including the …read more.

Amardeep Gill


Amardeep Gill is the Senior Community Organizer for LAANE’s Don’t Waste LA (DWLA) campaign, which is leading the leading the way to …read more.

Rudy Gonzalves


Rudy Gonzalves is the National Organizer for the Jobs to Move America campaign where he engages a national coalition that advocates for the growth of …read more.

Jessica Goodheart


Jessica joined LAANE in 1997. Before assuming leadership of LAANE’s Repower L.A. Project, Jessica served as the organization’s Research Director, authoring numerous …read more.

Trebor Healey


Trebor joined LAANE in 2004 and has helped develop the City of Justice Awards dinner, Women for a New Los Angeles luncheon …read more.

Diego Janacua


Diego joined LAANE in 2015 as the LA Organizer for Jobs to Move American to create good, clean jobs in transit manufacturing. Previously, he …read more.

Madeline Janis


Madeline Janis is co-founder and national policy director of LAANE. Under her stewardship as executive director from 1993 to 2012, LAANE became …read more.

Laura Joseph


Laura joined LAANE in 1997, taking on responsibility for financial management, administration, personnel management and grant writing. Prior to joining LAANE, Laura …read more.

Sheheryar Kaoosji


Sheheryar Kaoosji is the director of LAANE's Campaign for Clean and Safe Ports. The campaign is fighting for environmental and economic …read more.

Nadine Levyfield


Nadine joined LAANE as the Communications Specialist on the Jobs to Move America project in 2015. Nadine is excited to be …read more.

Stella T. Maloyan


Stella Maloyan has been the Development Director at LAANE since 2002, and oversees the organization’s private fundraising programs and events. Ms. …read more.

Allison Mannos


Allison joined LAANE as a Communications Specialist on the Construction Careers and Grocery Retail Projects in Fall 2011.  From December 2013 to …read more.

Marlene Montanez

Marlene Montanez

Marlene joined LAANE in October 2014 as the organizer for the Long Beach Hospitality Campaign, where she works alongside hotel workers …read more.

Aiha Nguyen


Aiha first joined LAANE as an intern while completing her master’ in urban planning at UCLA. After graduating, she returned to LAANE …read more.

Linda Nguyen-Perez


  Linda Nguyen-Perez is a senior research/policy analyst with LAANE’s Jobs and Transportation for America Project, which promotes good American manufacturing jobs …read more.

Robert Nothoff


Robert is the Director for LAANE's Raise The Wage campaign.  Originally from the Metro Detroit area, Robert’s personal experiences shaped his career …read more.

Imelda Padilla


Imelda Padilla is a Senior Community Organizer on the Raise the Wage campaign. She comes to the team with a background …read more.

Gina Palencar

woms lunch

Gina joined LAANE’s communications team in 2009, bringing over 16 years of experience in communications, research, writing, development and management for …read more.

Erika Thi Patterson


Erika Thi Patterson is a researcher and policy analyst for the Jobs to Move America project, which strives to create good manufacturing …read more.

Jeannine Pearce


  Jeannine Pearce moved to Long Beach in 2006 from Houston, Texas.  In 2009, she graduated from California State University, Long Beach …read more.

Nisha Randhava


Nisha Randhava joined LANNE as a Development Associate in 2015. Prior to LANNE, Nisha was completing her Master of Public Administration …read more.

Ernesto Rocha


Ernesto joined LAANE as community organizer for the Clean and Safe Ports Project in the summer of 2013. He previously worked …read more.

Roy Samaan


Roy Samaan joined the LAANE team in 2014 as a Research and Policy Analyst with the Raise LA campaign and remained with …read more.

Kristen Schwarz


Kristen Schwarz joined LAANE as a Development Associate in 2014. Before coming to LAANE, she worked in development at the California League …read more.

Chad Sells

photo (3)

Chad is a former US Air Force IT employee, where he learned that his technological abilities were a gift to be celebrated.  …read more.

Nancy Smyth


Nancy joined LAANE in 2007 as the Staff Development Director. Her work is focused on leadership and organizational development through coaching, training …read more.

Christopher Tucker

Chris Tucker Photo 2

Chris is the information technology director at LAANE. Acting as a consultant to numerous movements and nonprofit organizations throughout the years, he …read more.

Yomara Valdez


Yomara came to LAANE in 2000 after serving in an office management capacity at Warner Bros. Studios. Beginning as office manager, she …read more.

Jake Williams

Jake Williams Photo

Jake Williams is the Workforce Development Specialist for the Jobs to Move America project, which strives to create accessible, equitable manufacturing career …read more.

Paula Winicki


Paula Winicki was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and immigrated to the United States twelve years ago. Her early experiences …read more.

Jon Zerolnick


As a researcher, Jon likes data more than most people. He joined LAANE in 2006 with a focus on the environmental and …read more.