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National Journal: Mass Transit, Buy America, and the Economy

National Journal Transportation Insiders By Fawn Johnson January 13, 2014 To state that investing in the country's transportation infrastructure boosts the country's economy is almost as redundant as saying one equals one. Narrowing the statement to say that there is an economic boon to using American manufacturers for subway cars …read more.


LA Times Editorial: Can L.A. find a way to create local jobs from local transit projects?

A bill would allow projects such as the Crenshaw light-rail line to give hiring preference to area workers. It's a good idea. Los Angeles County has embarked on a major public works project: the Crenshaw light-rail line, a multibillion-dollar investment in public transit construction that will dramatically change the area's …read more.


LAANE and the Future of American Liberalism

The American Prospect’s Harold Meyerson Examines LAANE’s Growing National Impact. …read more.

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Nation of Cities

Nation of Cities from LAANE on Vimeo. …read more.

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1993 to Now: A LAANE Timeline

1993 to Now: A LAANE Timeline …read more.

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