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Donate to LAANE today to support our work to create good jobs, thriving communities, and a healthy environment for all!

  • Sponsor a Campaign Video ($10,000)

Sponsor a groundbreaking video, to be featured at one of our premier fundraising events, and help LAANE communicate our work and mission to a broad audience. Your name will be featured in the video.

  • Sponsor a LAANE Staff Retreat ($8,000)

Help LAANE stay on the leading edge as we work toward economic equality, a cleaner environment, and thriving communities in our city and beyond.

  • Sponsor LAANE Staff Trainings ($6,000)

Help LAANE staff stay up-to-date on the latest tools for outreach, research, and organizing.

  • Sponsor Community Leader Speaker Trainings ($3,000)

Sponsor community leaders and workers to attend multi-day speaker trainings, which will help them become more effective social justice advocates.

  • Sponsor an Intern ($2,500)

Give a student the opportunity to play an active role in the social justice movement and make a real difference with LAANE.  

  • Sponsor Critical Technology Upgrades ($1,000)

Help ensure LAANE has the best tools to create change in the twenty-first century.

  • Sponsor an InterAct Happy Hour ($500)

Sponsor an InterAct Happy Hour, which brings together a new generation of activists leading the way to a new economy for all. Your support will be acknowledged at the Happy Hour.

  • Sponsor an InterAct Group Outing ($250)

Sponsor an InterAct Happy outing to engage with art, culture, and events that explore our city’s heritage and most pressing issues. Your support will be acknowledged at the Outing.

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